The newspaper, your favorite magazine and much more can be produced by web printing technology. This method of printing uses rolls of paper rather than individual sheets. A literal web of paper streams through our presses at very high speeds. Offset web printing is typically reserved for commercial print specialists dealing in high-volume projects such as newsprint, retail circulars, and publishing - just to name a few.

More importantly, we know what matters most to our clients: accuracy, flexibility, consistency, professionalism, along with competitive prices. Because these things matter to us just as much. That’s why we’re still here... and growing. It’s what got us here in the first place. And it’s what continues to drive us. Today we are printing for some of the biggest brand names in furniture, retail grocery, automotive, marine, education, fitness, billiards, appliance, interior architecture, and the technology sectors... And we’ll always have room for one more.

Our PageWide Inkjet Web Press adds even more solutions to our wheelhouse. A new direction? Absolutely. A new concept for Grandville Printing? Definitely not. In fact, we’ve been at the forefront of producing high-volume variable printing for over a decade. We see inkjet web printing as the next chapter in our ongoing 60 year story. And that next revolution in printing we’ve been waiting for. This new technology has far surpassed "the inkjet look" we've all come to know from inkjet of the past. HDNA (High-Definition Nozzle Architecture) produces near offset quality which finally opens the door to effectively create and print great looking products such as retail circulars targeted directly to the consumer, retail signage, dynamic mass mail campaigns, variable magazines and more.

Committed To Our Environmental Impact:  In 2015 alone, we've recycled nearly 3,344.72 net tons of paper, and more than 15,219 lbs. of plastic. According to  Padnos , our green initiatives have saved:  • 56,860 trees • 200,683 lbs. of air pollution effluents • 23,413,040 gallons of water • 11,094 cubic yards of landfill space • 267,109 gallons of oil • 20,701,598 Kwh of energy

We print, version, and deliver a wide range of products throughout North America, including:

  • Up to 60-Page Tabs Wraps, pull-outs, flaps, trimmed w/bleeds*, glued*
  • Up to 30-Page Broadsheets Short-sheets, wraps, flaps or gates, trimmed w/bleeds*, glued*
  • Up to 48-Page Signatures Gates, trimmed w/bleeds, glued*
  • Extensive Versioning Capabilities
  • Best fit run lengths 10,000 - 20,000,000
  • 21" cut-off
  • Heatset
  • FSC® Certified
  • Stocks Newsprint, Groundwood, Offset, Coated #5-4-3, Recycled

* Maximizing page counts may limit these finishing options.

Use web inkjet to add value to your pages.
Retail circulars, direct mail, manuals, catalogs, brochures, marketing collateral and much more. 

  • High-Speed Web 30" width, Up to 800 ft./min., Wide range of coated and uncoated papers.
  • Next Generation Inkjet Technology High Definition Nozzle Architecture delivers 2400 print heads per inch!
  • 100% Color Inkjet Variable Printing Rivals offset web quality. 

Direct Mail
Targeted and personal offers that reach the right people with the right message at the right time dramatically improve response rates.

Education Books
Reduce timelines to meet tough academic schedules and produce customized cost-effective short runs. Get high-quality color and black-and-white production, with versatile options for papers, formats, and finishing.

Journals and Manuals
Inkjet offers unique solutions for shorter runs, targeted editions, customer-specific manuals, and on-demand print and reprint options.

Think about creating segmented runs with local and regional editions. Catalogers can now produce customer-specific editions that drive revenue faster.

Deliver high-volume stitched publications on-demand with reliable color and quality. Reduce costs and attain an even higher ROI with segmentation.

Retail Circulars
Meet the challenges of smaller markets using custom and targeted editions, local inserts, and cost-effective long runs.

Brochures and Marketing
Create segmented brochures that speak to audiences in their own language, opening new doors with existing customers and prospects.

Technical and Medical Books
Only print what you need, stay current using our just-in-time fulfillment which is perfect for high-value niche titles and backlist reprints.

TransPromo and Statements
Add marketing messages in color to transaction and regulatory documents, it’s cost-efficient, predictable, and totally agile.

Trade Books
ebooks have changed the trade book market, and short-run production is now a must. Our inkjet web press supports most trade book formats, enabling cost-effective short runs and fast turnaround.

Contact us today at (616) 534-8647 and ask to speak with a web sales representative to get started, or use our request a quote form.