Nexgen, the VDP retail division of Grandville Printing was formed 15 years ago with the purchase of our first HP Indigo press. GPC created a niche in variable data on-demand retail printing which changed the way retailers advertise at shelf level. Our program offers retailers highly organized, sorted signs packaged in planogram order, ready to hang, all from a compact box – reducing in-store labor by 43%. This concept was a severe departure from the status quo at the time, when our competitors were providing perfed sheets that had to be bursted and sorted before being used. Our team saw that business model as delivering a job only half-done... which forced the retailer's own labor force to finish a job the vendor started. Imagine if business cards came on sheets and you had to tear one off before handing it to someone. We applied that same logic to shelf tags and the result was a game changer. 

There are so many elements that must come together, almost simultaneously, in a very short amount of time. Things like complex data, artwork assets, template logic, promotions, and stock types just to name a few. So for us, it’s not just about connecting these dots, it’s about connecting every dot in the right way, at the right time, to produce the right end product - very quickly and while maintaining 100% accuracy.

Unprecedented Speed, Reliability, And Flexibility.
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Nexgen supplies shelf signage to many retail chains of all sizes, all over the US and delivering to more than 6,000 locations. We operate out of a state of the art facility within GPC, which includes a fleet of HP Indigo, HP Large Format, and Xeikon digital presses that strictly focus on producing shelf tags, ad tags, shelf labels, planogram data strips, shelf talkers, posters, aisle signs, large format, and much more for our retail partners:


A Rock Solid Program.
Built On Six GPC Patented Technologies.

Since we've started, we've received six patents related to our shelf tag innovation. Four are related to our high-speed sign production and creation systems and two are for innovations in shelf tag printing and hanging. Read about them here: U.S. Pat. No. 8,011,126 / U.S. Pat. No. 8,020,765 / U.S. Pat. No. 8,613,156 / U.S Pat. No. 8,928,923 / U.S Pat. No. 9,213,506 / U.S Pat. No. 9,547,464. For licensing opportunities please request more information using the form below. 

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At Grandville Printing Company, it is our mission to run a reliable, honest, and profitable business providing our customers with cost-effective services and products of the highest quality. Since 1956, GPC has been committed to servicing our clients with their printing needs. Today we are still committed to that same printing excellence that got us here. We are more than just another printing company; we are the leading Midwest service provider for your commercial printing and retail marketing needs.

We bridge the gap between advanced printing technology and the modern art of communication. That’s why GPC has evolved to offer complete retail communication solutions which include Nexgen retail shelf signs, database management, template development, reporting, web-to-print support, and much more.

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